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Water Me Daily is an editorial website about all things water and healthy living, with a sprinkle (or a splash) of humor to make you smile.

My main inspiration for creating Water Me Daily was my personal struggle with chronic health problems and migraines that seem to lessen when I drink more water every day.  In May of 2018 I started my personal journey to add more water into my daily life. I began to feel so much better and have less migraines.

Then I thought about my future. My Mom spent years struggling with migraines. Now at the young age of 75, my Mom and very best friend, is already in the advanced stages of the devastating Alzheimer’s disease and has Osteoporosis. My grandmother also had Alzheimer’s disease. Knowing that this horrible disease (and many others) is very genetically driven, I worried… Is this MY future also?

I began reading about chronic migraines, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Could there be a way to possibly help, prevent, and even cure these problems? I learned that it is a real possibility, and it’s even happening! But not without a REAL lifestyle change. A true commitment to clean living and daily exercise.

So I’m working hard to make these healthy changes in my life.

I decided to chronicle my Journey and personal discoveries along the way to share with you. Maybe you’re struggling with the same problems or have the same fears. We all want the best possible future for ourselves and our family.

Let’s be honest, change is hard! If you’re like me, I’m pretty much a “hot mess” when I try to make big changes in my lifestyle. We get overwhelmed with the commitment it takes and when we mess up, we tend to give up. But we need to forgive ourselves and keep going. Our health is too important.

My hope is that you will follow along with me and Water Me Daily while we make these changes together. We’ll take baby steps if we need to. But the best part is that you will be surrounded by a supportive community that has the same goals.

Let’s do this together!

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Hi there, I’m Dayna Wilson. I’m a single Mom of 2 living in Florida for years in a dehydrated and unhappy body. It’s kind of ironic that I live in a state that is practically surrounded by water and filled with lakes, but personally I hated drinking water. Health issues forced me to make a change, and I was inspired to share my journey.

I’ve lived with chronic migraines since my early 20’s. I have done tests, tried the medicines, and still continued to suffer. Now in my late 40’s I am also dealing with arthritis and brain fog. The brain fog worries me the most because sadly my mom has advanced Alzheimer’s. Of course I do a lot of online research, and I’ve learned that Alzheimer’s and headaches are closely tied into hydration and diet. This knowledge is encouraging me to increase my daily water intake, eat healthier, and exercise.

I love being in front of the computer! I am an endless researcher and snoop when I find things I want to know more about. So, with my new-found passion for water, Water Me Daily was born!

Here are a few more facts, if you haven’t wandered over to Amazon for some shopping yet….

I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and I’m a registered Cardiac and Vascular Sonographer. I currently work for a large hospital and several cardiology offices performing heart and vascular ultrasounds. If you’re wondering how I got from psychology to ultrasound, I decided to go back to school when I was 40 to pursue a career in the medical field (without needles and blood).

I’m a military brat and moved all over the country. Proud military brat of a retired Air Force Lt. Colonel! I was born in Michigan, but I have lived mostly in the Southern states all my life. The majority in San Antonio, TX and Florida.

I have 2 teenagers. My son recently graduated, and my daughter is in high school. My son is focusing on a career in the social media industry, but on the marketing and management end of it. Hopefully we’ll be working together soon so he can help me grow Water Me Daily. And my daughter has been acting and doing voice over for 5 years. They’ll be ready to conquer the world soon! Where did the time go?

When I’m not tapping away on my laptop I like to…  Well, I’m a Mom, so let’s be honest… generally my free time involves mom stuff. But I do like to jump on my elliptical machine or walk our pups.

So, that all about me. I’m so happy that you’re here and checking out Water Me Daily! I would love to hear from you so please leave me some comments and let me know what kinds of topics you’re interested in learning more about.

Have fun here and stay hydrated!

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