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  • chiro care cover

    Why I Am Exploring the World of Chiropractic Care

    My journey to drinking more water and improving my health is continually evolving. I don’t think there is ever one clear answer that works the first time and fixes the problem you’re trying to solve. Especially when you’re talking about chronic health problems. So now I’m exploring the world of chiropractic care. PIN to read […]

  • Tattoo on inner ankle.

    5 Reasons Why I Got My First Tattoo at Almost 50

    So, you’re probably wondering what getting my first tattoo could possibly have to do with water. Well hang on, because it’s got everything to do with mine! Let me first say that I never wanted a tattoo! That was until 2 years ago when this image kept popping into my mind. It was a clear […]

  • Red wagon on green grass with blue sky and clouds above.

    Falling Off My Water Wagon

    Do you ever say to yourself, “I’ve got this!” and then life gives you the Bruce Lee karate side kick? You’re filled with confidence and excitement to conquer a new challenge, and then something unexpected knocks the wind out of you. This happened to me last week when I fell off my water wagon form […]

  • heavy set man on beach with orange float tube looking for someone

    I Can See My Waist Again

    You know what I just recently realized? Hey, I can see my waist again! I’ll admit it seems a bit funny to say that. But, when you’re working towards better health, these are the triumphs that you celebrate and realize something you’re doing is actually working. And I did it by making only 1 change. […]

  • woman kicking water in the ocean at sunset

    Kicking Off The Crazy

    Good morning from Florida! I think I need to start my day kicking off the crazy. Life gets overwhelming, and I wonder how I’ll get it all done! Sometimes the day can seem more like a mountain when you have a lot to accomplish. I tend to get frustrated with too much on my plate and […]

  • Woman wearing glasses getting splashed in the face with water.

    My Wake-Up Call

    If you have chronic migraines, you know how horrible they can make your life! For me, my worsening migraines were definitely my wake-up call. The slap in the face that said, “Girl, get off you butt and help your own health and well-being! These medicines aren’t going to do it for you!” PIN for when […]

  • Welcome on board brown mat on dock by boat with person in red sneakers.

    Why I Started My Water Journey

    Welcome to my new blog, Water Me Daily, and my very first post! Have you ever gone through times in your life where you have experienced things and said to yourself, “I should put this __ down on paper and share it someday! People need to know this stuff!”? PIN for when you want to […]