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  • Is Your Tap Water Hiding Something?

    The Hidden Chemicals and Contaminants That May Be in Your Tap Water

    Kitchen sink with running water.

    Is your tap water hiding something? Do you know what’s in your tap water? It’s surprising (and a little gross) to find out there’s an average of over 300 contaminants in the tap water we drink. Does the quality of the water you drink everyday really matter? Well, simply put… heck yeah it does! Do […]

  • My Top 5 Must Visit Water Destinations

    Beautiful Water Destination Vacation Bucket List

    Long wooden walkway with white railing leading out to blue ocean.

    When I close my eyes and imagine the perfect vacation, it always involves a beautiful sandy beach and amazing blue water! Don’t get me wrong, I love a picturesque snowy mountain top and a great ski slope that’s beginner friendly. But my poor circulation just can’t tolerate the cold for very long. Which always leads […]

  • Water & Nutrition

    Why Water is So Important for Our Body

    An excellent article by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Basics… Getting enough water every day is important for your health. Healthy people meet their fluid needs by drinking when thirsty and drinking with meals. Most of your fluid needs are met through the water and beverages you drink. However, you can get some fluids through […]

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