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  • Golden Iced Turmeric Latte Is Sunshine In A Glass

    Delicious And Healthy Turmeric Smoothie Recipe

    Turmeric latte in milk jug glass with straw on counter in front of ingredients.

    Trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow a great diet, but missing something sweet? Look no more and make this today! The golden iced turmeric latte. People, this is sunshine and happiness in one glass! This turmeric latte is gluten-free, paleo, and whole30 user friendly. Plus, the ingredients give your body a healthy boost […]

  • Have You Heard About HelensKit?

    My New Favorite Stainless Steel Cup Set

    Helenskit stainless steel cups

    Do you love sustainable products that help save the planet? That’s a silly question. Who would say no? If you hate contributing to the plastic island in our ocean and the overflowing landfills, then you have to check out HelensKit! You know I love drinking water and encouraging you all to drink lots of water […]

  • Maybe I Found the Fountain of Youth With KOR Plus

    My KOR Plus Review for Antioxidant Water On the Go

    Woman holding a KOR+ water bottle sitting on a brick ground

    What if your water bottle didn’t just hold your water, but supercharged it into… With the power to fight off free radicals and karate chop aging! Well, maybe 🙂 Say hello to KOR Plus! I have been using KOR+ and L-O-V-E it! PIN for when you want to read or shop later. (This post contains […]

  • 5 Fantastical Ways for Kids to Drink More Water

    Fantastically Fun Water Ideas for Kids

    Kids dressed up like super heroes cheering with arms up

    Did you just say fantastical is not a word? Ask a 5-year-old and their amazing imagination will tell you it is. Either way, it’s the perfect word to describe these fun ways to get younger kids to drink more water. 7 out of 10 kids are dehydrated. Why? Because children are always on the go; […]

  • 8 Reasons Your Body Runs on Water

    Why Water Is Vitally Important To Your Body and Brain

    Man laying on empty road through desert with gas can

    Sputter sputter, putt putt, oof…. Is that you right now running out of gas? Are you tired all the time, don’t feel well and always run down? You probably need water! Just like cars need gas to run, our bodies need water to run properly. Without enough water, your body is breaking down. PIN for […]

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