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  • Clock on table with sign that says time for change.

    3 Reasons Why Your Health Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

    I’ll start exercising tomorrow. I’ll eat healthier next week. I’ll take better care of myself next month when I have more time and money. We tell ourselves these things every day, but the truth is, they are just excuses. The reality is, your health can’t wait until tomorrow. In our minds, change is just plain […]

  • Woman waking up and drinking water

    5 Reasons Water Is A Killer Morning Habit

    What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? You probably go straight for your first cup of coffee. We think our body needs coffee because that’s what we’re craving. But our body is truly calling out for water, because we wake up dehydrated. So, it’s time to start a […]

  • Woman with open arms standing on rocks overlooking ocean

    When Life Happens You Need To Celebrate The Wins

    We’re already into September, and it’s been a month since I shared my last Journey post. My August, and my life, was a bit all over the place. I’m sure you can totally relate to that. Things pop up unexpectedly and decide to throw a little stress your way. Basically, life happens. These are the […]

  • chiro care cover

    Why I Am Exploring the World of Chiropractic Care

    My journey to drinking more water and improving my health is continually evolving. I don’t think there is ever one clear answer that works the first time and fixes the problem you’re trying to solve. Especially when you’re talking about chronic health problems. So now I’m exploring the world of chiropractic care. PIN to read […]

  • Kids dressed up like super heroes cheering with arms up

    5 Fantastical Ways for Kids to Drink More Water

    Did you just say fantastical is not a word? Ask a 5-year-old and their amazing imagination will tell you it is. Either way, it’s the perfect word to describe these fun ways to get younger kids to drink more water. 7 out of 10 kids are dehydrated. Why? Because children are always on the go; […]

  • Red wagon on green grass with blue sky and clouds above.

    Falling Off My Water Wagon

    Do you ever say to yourself, “I’ve got this!” and then life gives you the Bruce Lee karate side kick? You’re filled with confidence and excitement to conquer a new challenge, and then something unexpected knocks the wind out of you. This happened to me last week when I fell off my water wagon form […]

  • Man laying on empty road through desert with gas can

    8 Reasons Your Body Runs on Water

    Sputter sputter, putt putt, oof…. Is that you right now running out of gas? Are you tired all the time, don’t feel well and always run down? You probably need water! Just like cars need gas to run, our bodies need water to run properly. Without enough water, your body is breaking down. PIN for […]

  • heavy set man on beach with orange float tube looking for someone

    I Can See My Waist Again

    You know what I just recently realized? Hey, I can see my waist again! I’ll admit it seems a bit funny to say that. But, when you’re working towards better health, these are the triumphs that you celebrate and realize something you’re doing is actually working. And I did it by making only 1 change. […]

  • Sugar bowl and blood sugar monitor on table about belly fat

    Banish Belly Fat by Dr. Mark Hyman

    7 Ways to Permanently Banish Belly Fat Sixty-nine percent of American adults are overweight, and over 35 percent are obese1. These conditions aren’t just aesthetically unpleasing. Obesity increases your risk for numerous conditions including heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer2. Sadly, about 3.4 million adults die each year3 from being overweight […]

  • woman kicking water in the ocean at sunset

    Kicking Off The Crazy

    Good morning from Florida! I think I need to start my day kicking off the crazy. Life gets overwhelming, and I wonder how I’ll get it all done! Sometimes the day can seem more like a mountain when you have a lot to accomplish. I tend to get frustrated with too much on my plate and […]

  • Woman wearing glasses getting splashed in the face with water.

    My Wake-Up Call

    If you have chronic migraines, you know how horrible they can make your life! For me, my worsening migraines were definitely my wake-up call. The slap in the face that said, “Girl, get off you butt and help your own health and well-being! These medicines aren’t going to do it for you!” PIN for when […]

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