5 Fun Summer Party Water Games for Kids

Stay Cool With These Educational Water Games

Kids getting wet with water balloon.

It’s summertime, and the kiddos are home looking for things to do. But boy, it is HOT outside! Time for parents to get creative. If you’re looking for ways to get your kids active outside, but want to keep them cool, hydrated, and happy… here are 5 fun summer party water games for kids, with an educational twist!

With all the technology in our kids’ hands these days, it’s easy for them to sit inside and “vegetate” during the summertime. It’s always fun to throw a little summer party or just bring the kids together outside for fresh air, sunshine, and socialization. Here are some fun ways to keep them active so that they get some outside exercise and keep their brains active as well.

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Water balloons, boy sliding on slip and slide, and group of kids playing duck duck goose.
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These refreshing water games are best played with at least 4 or more kids in a group, but I’m sure you can get creative and do some adjusting if you have fewer kiddos. An added bonus… these water games will keep them cool and having so much fun, they won’t complain about a little summertime learning.

Sidewalk chalk on black pavement.

1. Smart Smash and Splash

This is a fun water game using sidewalk chalk, water balloons, and a permanent pen like a Sharpie marker. You can play with letters, numbers, and simple math equations. First fill the water balloons. Each water balloon will match an answer you will write on the ground in chalk. Write a letter, number, or equation with the Sharpie on the balloon. Write its matching answer in chalk somewhere on the ground. Example: B on the balloon would match to B on the ground (or a number) and 2+2 on the balloon would match to 4 on the ground. Have each child stand by a chalk answer. Take turns closing your eyes and choosing a balloon. Match your balloon to the chalk answer on the ground, then toss the balloon and hit the answer. The goal is to get your answer correct, hit your target, and break your balloon getting the child standing by it as wet as possible. Then it becomes that child’s turn to toss a balloon. The kids move to all the unanswered chalk targets until the games is done.

Group of kids playing duck duck goose in the grass.

2. Duck Duck Splash

Here’s a fun twist on the old Duck Duck Goose game. You will need large plastic cups, paper, safety pins, and a Sharpie marker. Write a different number on each paper and a matching number on each plastic cup. Kids sit in a circle and pin a numbered paper to their back (but don’t tell them their number). Fill the numbered cups to the top with water. One child picks a numbered cup and walks around the circle, stopping at each child and saying duck, then pouring a drop of water on their head, and moving on to next child and do the same. When you get to the child with the number on their back that matches your cup number, yell Goose and dump the entire cup of water on their head and run. The child chases him back to their seat. If you tag them, they are out of the game. Now it’s their turn to be the Splasher and the fun continues. Be sure to recycle the plastic cups.

Smiling boy sliding down a wet slip and slide.

3. Slip and Slide Challenge

A good Slip and Slide is fun at any age! For this game you can either buy a Slip ‘N Slide or make your own with a long plastic runner and something to anchor the corners. You will also need a garden hose and maybe a sprinkler, a Sharpie marker, a notepad, and a little dish soap. With the Sharpie, write numbers along the edge of the plastic to mark distance. You’ll use these numbers to score the kids on how far they can slide. Wet the slide and add a little dish soap to help them slide further and give it some bubbly fun. Then the kids take turns sliding and writing down the number the top of their head makes it to. After a set number of slides, the kids must add up their numbers and the highest total wins.

Colorful water balloons in a bucket of water.

4. Leaky Hot Potato

Hot Potato is always fun and even better when it’s with a leaking balloon that could explode on someone. All you’ll need for this fun water game is water balloons and a small pin. Fill all the water balloons and have the kids stand in a circle. Take 1 water balloon and carefully poke a tiny hold with the pin to create a little leak. Then each child randomly tosses the leaking balloon to a friend while they each say the alphabet or count up in numbers. If the water balloon bursts on you or you run out of water on your catch, then you’re out until the next round. Try to toss the balloon as quickly and carefully as possible without causing the balloon to burst.

Group of kids playing water gun battle.

5. Water Gun Color Tag

Here’s a fun summer game for the older kids. You’ll need plastic water guns, washable liquid watercolor, blindfolds, and a large area with no obstacles. Fill all the water guns with water and add several drops of washable liquid watercolor to each gun using a different color for each one. Blindfold each child and space them out a good distance from each other. They all spin around 5 times and start counting out loud to 100 by 5’s slowly. Without moving out of their space and only turning around, the other kids try to aim and shoot them by sound. The goal is to hit them with their colored water. When each child gets to 100, they stop shooting. If you have the most color hits, you’re out, then shuffle spots, spin around again, and game play continues.

Summer is hot and the sun is strong, so be sure your kids are drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated, and you are applying lots of sunscreen for UV protection. Let me know what water games you love in the comments below. Cheers to a fun summer!

Written by Dayna

After years of chronic health problems with migraines and IBS, I began to realize drinking more water helped with many of my problems. When my mom developed Alzheimer's and osteoporosis, I decided to make a lifestyle change so that I didn't have the same future. Change isn't easy, but I hope that we can prevent chronic illness and disease by living a healthier life.

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