5 Easy Ways to Hydrate Your Skin Every Day

Anti-Aging By Holding Onto Your Skin’s Moisture

Young woman's face with freckles promoting healthy skin.

It’s true. We all would like to find the fountain of youth and stop (or at least slow down) the aging process. Why else would beauty and anti-aging be a billion-dollar industry? Our face and skin are the first thing people see and what we look at every day in the mirror. It can reveal our mood, our history, and even our health. Our skin’s health comes from within, so one of the best and easiest things you can do for your skin is find ways to hydrate your skin every day.

Are you happy with your skin? If not, ask yourself how you treat your skin. Hopefully, at the very least, you’re washing it. But let’s also look at some super easy habits you can add to your daily routine to keep your skin hydrated and looking healthy.

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Young woman's face with freckles promoting healthy skin.

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Here are 5 easy ways to hydrate your skin every day!

1. Drink WATER

Easy fact #1. If our body isn’t getting enough water, our skin will be dehydrated. Signs that your skin needs more water are easy to see… dry, flaky, dull, wrinkles, sleep creases, chapped or cracked lips. Be in tune with what your skin is telling you. Set a water goal every day of ½ your body weight in ounces. Get a good water bottle with a time and ounce marker to achieve your goal.

Simply, drink more water.

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2. CLEANSE With Good Products

Are you washing your face before you go to bed and when you wake up? Let’s face it, dirty skin and clogged pores aren’t healthy. At the very least, wash your face with something. But be aware that many soaps are drying. Because I’m almost 50, my dermatologist suggested I use a facial wash with ceramides and hyaluronic acid. What the heck are those?

Ceramides are tiny lipids/molecules that help form a barrier to protect the skin from moisture loss and pollutants. Our skin produces ceramides naturally, but we lose them when our skin is exposed to hot water, chemicals, and other outside factors.

Hyaluronic acid is responsible for your skin’s plumpness and volume because it attracts and retains up to 1,000 times its weight in water. It is essential for maintaining the skin’s moisture balance and smoothness. As we age, our skin’s production of hyaluronic acid naturally decreases, so use a product that helps replace it.

Wash your face. (I use the CeraVe hydrating facial cleanser with a make-up remover first.)

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Now that you’ve washed and your skin is fresh and clean, it’s a must to apply a good moisturizer. Always apply your moisturizer within a couple of minutes of washing, preferably when the skin is still slightly damp. A moisturizer can be essential for maximum hydration and skin-barrier replenishment.

Pick a good moisturizer. Again, you can have ceramides and hyaluronic acid ingredients to help repair and replenish the skin’s barrier and moisture levels. Another important day-time necessity is sunscreen. Many moisturizers have sunscreen added to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and sun damage. No need to age our skin any faster than it already does.

Pick a good day and night moisturizer. (Again, I use CeraVe for my moisturizer.)

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4. Get a Simple HUMIDIFIER

Our skin is exposed to air, and air is a greedy moisture thief. Air will pull moisture from anywhere it can, even your skin. And depending on the season or where we live, the drier the air, the more moisture your skin will lose. If you want to give your skin an extra moisture boost each day, then sleep with a humidifier nearby.

Add moisture to your room air when you sleep with a humidifier.

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5. Try a FACE OIL

Face oil? Yep! I’m not a beauty guru, so I didn’t know this was a thing until recently. But a good face oil can be life changing! Seriously. The instant softness and smoothness are addictive.

While a moisturizer is still necessary to go deep into skin and provide moisture, a face oil stays more near the surface and acts as a sealant to keep moisture in. A good quality oil should have antioxidants, essential nutrients, and fatty acids to help improve the quality of your skin. Do your research though and choose the right one for your skin type that doesn’t clog your pores.

Add a light layer of face oil before your foundation for smooth, natural skin.

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Try adding these 5 easy ways to hydrate your skin every day to your daily routine to keep your skin healthy and happy. And don’t forget to keep drinking your water (lots of it) each day to really keep your skin hydrated from the inside.

Cheers to growing your healthiest life one drop at a time!


Written by Dayna

After years of chronic health problems with migraines and IBS, I began to realize drinking more water helped with many of my problems. When my mom developed Alzheimer's and osteoporosis, I decided to make a lifestyle change so that I didn't have the same future. Change isn't easy, but I hope that we can prevent chronic illness and disease by living a healthier life.

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